The Power Station
His Battle Standards
January 13, 2007
His Crown Banner    Kevin Moffatt Artist
Each and every day, God simply astonishes me.  His Word Brings life, eternal life.  
Let us Serve Him, Honor Him, Praise Him and Worship Him.  

I thank Him for the time he spends with me, and I thank Him when  He calls, and
thank  The Holy Spirit for reaching out.  It is during these moments, that God glory
burns away our physical realm, leaving the Spirit inside us.  It is at this moment that
His Word, His Will is shared with us.  

I have been struggling with words. Words, which were spoken during New Year's
Eve about the importance of   Standing on God's Word,   submitting to God's plan
and resisting the urge to "fix things" our way.  

The lesson of not standing and holding onto God's Word and  promise was allowing
the enemy to pilferage and steal God's abundant gifts.  This was an expensive and
painful lesson indeed.
Just Stand  Kevin Moffatt Artist
The Spirit showed me Battle Standards fluttering in
the wind.

For these are God's Victory Proclamation Banners.

God is proclaiming that this land is HIS creation.  
The banner will rally His children together.  During
the past year, many have said that God is gathering
His children.  We have seen His musicians hearing
His call.  They have gathered and still are
gathering.  They are waiting to give the joyous
shout, the unleashing of bold harmonies, crescendos
of musical instruments to drive fear into the enemies
of our Lord and disperse them.

Now, God is calling out to His Standard Bearers to
answer His call.  

For at one time, they stood tall, full of honor, graced
by God.  

Deceived by the enemy, many  lay scattered through
the land.  Believing the enemies lies,  they may have
hardened their hearts, lost their faith, believe that
God has forsaken them or believe that they are

These Battle Standards and others will serve as the  
visual and spiritual  stimulus to reawaken their
hearts and open their minds to Jesus Christ, Their
true Lord and their saviour.  

When they accept Jesus again, they will become
reborn in all His Glory;  spotless and clean.  They
will pick themselves up, shake off the dust, clean the
spots and iron out the wrinkles and once again
become God's Standard Bearers.

For it is not only  The Battle Standards themselves
which proclaims God's victory, it is our lives in
Christ which serve as  God's victorious Battle

Yes, God is gathering His children.  The musicians
are gathering, the Standard Bearers are assembling.

His children are being refreshed and strengthened

His army is preparing.
His Crown Banner    Kevin Moffatt Artist