The Power Station
His Path
September 02, 2006
Good morning and may you continue to be blessed.

I would like to share with you a word that was imparted to me by the Holy Spirit as well as
an event that occurred Saturday morning.

The word -expectancy - was placed upon me.  At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. As I
thought about it and prayed upon it, I was moved.  

The word, for me, was reflective.  I was able to look back at the past year and review a year
of spiritual growth.  A growth from being saved, and reborn last Fall to the walking the path
that has been laid out before me.

What did or does expect from me or us?

He wants us to grow in His word, have faith, know that everything we pray for has already
been provided for.  It's already written.  He expects us to grow in the Word, and to grow in
our walk with him.  Our prayers have gone from simply praying for help when we are broken
or in need of His help,to a prayer of thanksgiving that He has already provided for us and a
boldness to pray for things outside ourselves.

.  Speaking of that path laid before me..............

The Holy Spirit woke me early Saturday morning to take a picture of the sunrise.  Remember
Saturday?  Dark, gloomy, windy.  I was thinking this was not going to be the sunrise picture I
would have gotten out of bed this early to take.

Off to The Power Station I go to take a picture I thought I had to take.  Nope, not here, the
spirit lead me to a parking lot.  This parking lot provides a beautiful view of Mount
Monadnock.  The mountain was shrouded by the low laying clouds.

This picture was taken.  I already formed the analogy that this is how the world views God.  
He is covered by the element world and can't be seen.  Only when the clouds lift, are we
able to see Him, only when the veil of the world is lifted do we recognize that God has
always been there.

Nope, that's not it...The Holy Spirit keeps me there.  I am close but I am miles off in what the
spirit is directing me towards.  With my eyes open, I am blind.

I ask, " what am I supposed to see out here?"  I am directed to the footpath that cuts down and
up a ravine.  The path is for the surefooted.  It is loose gravel, sand and rocks.  Parts of it are
well worn and the grass is thin and parts of the path are not ventured upon.  This is where the
picture is to be taken.

The picture is taken and as I turn my back on the landscape the Holy Spirit startles me and
redirects me back to where I was standing.  I missed it, the Spirit fills me.  "You missed
it,,....again, look".  There is nothing there, nothing my mind can see expect the worn rocky
path with a steep incline.

As I retake the picture, something small and bright catches my minds-eye as the camera's
shutter closes.  What is that in the clearing of the trees near the skyline?

The camera has captured a golden cross in the sky.  The Cross is from a closed church in
town.  Although the building is closed, the message is alive.  Jesus is Lord!

The Holy Spirit imparted to me,to share with you; as we walk our path with God, we must
keep focused on God, that is the prize.  The path we take should not become our focus.  
When we look at our feet while walking we can stumble, not see where we are going and
loose our direction.  The same principle applies with our walk with God..We are not to be
distracted by the path, nor the obstacles we may face, not the perceived difficulty that we
face..  For me, my path is not just "The Power Station", it is much greater than that.  My path
is to become a better Christian.

The paths laid before us may that us in differ ant directions, places and times but they all
lead to Christ and to the father.  We are blessed at this time in our journeys, that our paths
have crossed.

Glory to God!  
There is "No parking" in our walk.
We may pause to refresh, to teach,
to bless.

In parking, we will miss the abundant
blessing promised for our lives and
the lives we touch