The Power Station
In God WE Trust
May 16th , 2007
Good morning,

Early this morning, these words came to mind.  

Let us take a moment, give God praise and honor His name.  

No matter what issue, condition that is befalling us, remember

In God we Trust,

These four simple yet powerful words are the foundation of our country and of our lives.

From our  Nation's Declaration of Independence to our currency we are reminded daily of
our relationship with God. We are  to trust in Him.

These are not just words, these are measures of faith.  

Trust, isn't this the one singular attribute we seek most in our lives?  Knowing that there
is someone there with us that we can depend upon each and everyday.  Trust provides
calmness and peace in our lives.  

Trust in your spouse, trust in your employer, trust in our elected officials, trust in social
security, trust in yourself to do the correct thing.  Do we have unmovable, irrevocable
trust in any of these relationships?  

Would you trust your very life to,.....for example,  politician, to do the correct thing for
you?  Would you listen and follow the words of your  trusted spouse, employer or friend,
even if you don't want to?

Who then should we Trust in?  The simple and true answer is God.

Our knowledge that God, through His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, will never
leave or forsake us, gives us so much hope and encouragement in today's world.

Our repentance and subsequent acceptance that God, through His Son Jesus Christ,
and the Holy Spirit,in our lives,  allows us the blessings of all of God's promises and gifts
to us.

In God we trust, simple and powerful words for our lives and our country.

Good words to share.