The Power Station
Humble yourself in the
Presence of The Lord
May 18th , 2007
Good morning,

Recently, I have been praying for God to fill me.  
To fill me more of Him, to show me more.

I was reminded to humble myself in The Presence of The Lord:

      Humble myself from prestige
      Humble myself from position
      Humble myself from power
      Humble myself from intellect
      Humble myself from material possessions

      Humble myself from unworthiness
      Humble myself from not readiness
      Humble myself from fear

Kneeling, face down, and arms outreached as The Lord passed by,

Not worthy, of His grace, only hoping to touch the hem of His robe,  He stops, and beckons,


"Rise", the word is comforting, healing and inviting.

He is asking me to Rise.  It is not a command, yet a stirring, moving, simple and polite invite.

As I start to rise, He reminds me that all was done at the cross. "ALL"

When I rise
, I am in a hallway of a house.  The walls appear to be stucco and tan/sandstone in
color.  A hand-hewn door frame is before me with a simple, brown chair off to the right side of the
door frame.

Jesus states, " in His father's house, there are many rooms."   

Jesus is letting me know, I am not outside his father's house, I am inside and His father's house
has many rooms.

"The table is set, will you par-take?" Is the question asked of me.

I know in my heart the room I want to be in.

I want to be in that chair at the table......

Pastor Tim Golden of North Walpole, New Hampshire provided an interpretation.

In ancient times, and in this region.  The father of the household provided rooms for His children.    
The father was providing an inheritance for His children.

Jesus Christ, is reminding us that we have a room in God's house.  We have a co-inheritance
to God's house.