The Power Station
October 21, 2007
T. Travers
May I share an experience with you?  

This experience involves "being slain in the spirit", and experiencing the embrace of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This experience occurred at The Renewed Life in Jesus
Church in Chester, Vermont on Sunday, October 21, 2007.

While sitting out back  of the church when pastor announced that he would pray for those
with needs.  I was drawn to the aisle

As he prayed with those seeking prayer, I closed my eyes, and my knees buckled and felt
myself being nudged forward.  Opening my eyes the sensation stopped.

Closing my eyes again, the urging was stronger.

When I agreed in my spirit to go up, the urging stopped.

I had no idea why I was coming forward for prayer.  I thought I was good.  As I told pastor
when I approached, I have no idea why I am up here.  He responded "I guess the Lord has
something for you."  I closed my eyes and released myself to Jesus Christ saying, " Lord,
here I am".

In that moment of silence, before pastor spoke, I was already falling.  This time my focus
was not on my surroundings but in and on Him.  I think my left hand swung out and my body
pivoted to the left as well.  I felt that I was a page in a book, and felt like my life, the page,
was being turned by God himself.

The thought about falling to the ground, was replaced by his embrace.  I fell, into His arms.  
He caught me.

Then he showed me a battered flag or standard.  In the background were black ominous
clouds boiling and rolling.  This flag was being whipped and tattered due to the wind.  A
shaft of brilliant sunshine pierced and covered the flag..  

This was a striking contrast to the darkness surrounding the flag.

The very sight of that flag, gave me strength, as it gave strength to the countless others that
saw it also.

To see that flag violently tugged and pulled, yet the flag never pulled away or was not torn
from the roping.

I questioned what was the flag's symbolism?  
Was it a symbol of my life?  
Lord, is my life going to be battered, ripped and torn?
Will my life, be like that flag, holding onto Christ, no matter what the circumstances and in
doing so giving strength to others?  

The answer was, "it is not my life, but the life that lives within me."
Joy filled my heart.  An understanding I do not fully understand, but in a way I do.

On the way home, I told Carol, my wife,  that I am fine.  I am being quite, and I am not mad at
her or anything.  I shared what happened and she knows something happened.

The surrendering of my will to the Lord of Lords, to experience the freedom of His Will in
my heart and life.  To place total focus upon Him and not the consequences or concerns of
hitting the church floor.  He embraced me!  He caught me! He spoke to me! He loves me!  
There are no bruises from the fall.

I am still in the embrace of God.  I can feel his embrace, his warmth.  He has removed me
from the world, although I am in it.  I feel as if a blanket has covered me.  The focus on the
world is soft, not in sharp focus,  It's almost dream like.  Everything is soft.  I am surrounded
by a such a deep feeling of peace, bliss, calm and stillness.  

I am still pretty silent ( now that's a blessing to many ears), and reserved, contemplative and
ever so thankful for his grace and mercy.

During the week, as I thought His embrace was loosening, I so wanted to get back to that
moment in time.  I wanted to go back for prayer to be slain again.

His gentle voice reminded me, not to seek after the signs and wonders, only seek Him, not
the manifestations.  I did, I sought Him, he answered, " I am here." Once again, I am in His

He is here.  He is a gentleman.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ awaits our invite and permission to
enter our hearts.  He awaits to share the Glory and the Honor of the Father with us.  

There are times, when God just wants to embrace us, hold us as the loving father he is.  He
rejoices in us.  He is prompting his children.  He is asking you to allow him to rejoice with
you.  Will you let Him into your heart?

Lord, I pray that you will rejoice with many of your children this day.  Lord, may testimonies
of your embrace fuel a desire for a closer relationship with you and fuel a hunger for others
to know you more.

Blessed you are!

There is "No parking" in our walk.
We may pause to refresh, to teach,
to bless.

In parking, we will miss the abundant
blessing promised for our lives and
the lives we touch